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Daniel "Killer Keemstar" Keen, is the main owner, garden gnome, and host of the popular YouTube series Drama Alert. He was one of three forest gnomes born in nigeria, he was the special of the bunch because he wanted to be a famous youtuber unlike his brothers. He set his goal to be the best youtuber and is currently still pursuing that dream. His current main YouTube channel he operates, NewDramaAlert, was created on June 15th 2014, and has over 1,200,000 subscribers. Some of the most notable stories he has covered include the Lizard Squad situation, with them attempting to take down Microsoft's Xbox Live and Sony's PlayStation Network online multi-player gaming services, and the Bashurverse situation, with Daniel putting his opinion up on his main channel first, then uncovering many new details through a series of reports and interviews. He is one of the most straight forward youtubers. And isnt fake like the people that wrote this article. This is channel six news. I'm your host. Killer Keemstar.

As DJ Keemstar he beat his wife and used the racial term "Nigerian slut" many times and once, on stream threatened too ddos a 10 year old fan who had doxed him, sent pizza's and swat cars too his house and revealed personal information about "DJ Keemnigga" , like his dick size, which was found too be 1.2 inches by an old dating site he used

"What Is Up, DramaAlert Nation? I'm your Host, Killer Keemstar.

LEEEEEETS GET RIIIIIIIIIGHT INTO THE NEWS!" "Keem" also stated that African Americans are a disgrace to man kind and the evolution of the human race, also used the term "nigger" multiple times on stream and on video, also drove one man to committing Suicide in 2015. - Daniel "Keemstar" Keem, 2014 - Now.

"What Is Up, nazialert nation?, I'm ure host, jew burner keemhitler, and LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETS GET RIIIIIIIGHT INTO THE OVENSSSSSSSSSSS

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