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Personality Edit

DJ Keemstar, or 'Daniel Keem,' is notably one of the most notorious, popular, infamous and famous trash-talker in gaming history and member of the F@G. He is one of the founders of the Federation of Asshole Gamers, which was a huge livestream and YouTube series that existed from 2007-2012. While he has made several attempts in coming back such as in 2012 and 2013, he hasn't been able to secure the return of the F@G yet. DJ Keemstar currently resides in his hometown, with his girlfriend and his daughter, where he also does Drama Alert on the live stream on Twitter and of course on YouTube as well.

Achievements Edit

DJ Keemstar has earned many commendable achievements that have earned him respect and hate at the same time. In 2007, he was discovered by Deranker, who was also one of the co-founders of the F@G and just started on YouTube, when he posted a video of DJ Keemstar doing hilariously funny trash-talking in a Halo 3 match-making game, which set records off the charts in the YouTube comments and Deranker's channel, with fans demanding more of Keemstar's talented trash-talking action. For the next three years from 2007-2010, Keemstar was at the top of his game, gaining more and more F@G fans, or 'slaves' each day, because of his comedy on the livestream and YouTube, especially with the help of his closest friend and co-host, 4 Bucks Robot (or Robot).

He had also proven that Xbox Live clans weren't so tough to beat, as the F@G took down the mighty KSI and MEA empires in two clan wars that would forever be in the history books in the gaming community. Keemstar nation was arguably at its climax in 2010, where Keemstar earned the title "Halo 3's #1 Trash-talker."

The biggest challenge to Keemstar's reign so far is MinnesotaBurns, where the rivals have almost clashed in a livestream chat numerous times. While Burnsy has set his own records in COD, nothing could ever beat the high-quality and classic trolling presented by DJ Keemstar.

But, as 2011 neared, the F@G channels and their Xbox Live accounts were starting to crumble because of being banned on Xbox or having their channels terminated because of several community violations. The effect was long-term damage overtime, and it eventually struck the F@G hard in March 2012 when its headquarters, 4HALOAHOLES was terminated. DJ Keemstar eventually said, "It was a huge mistake I made. I realized what I've done is terrible, and I've owned up to my mistakes. You do the crime, you do the time and pay the price." Fortunately, Deranker's channel was spared after several phone calls and conferences and multiple cooperation with the YouTube Administration, showing that Deranker had no part in the violation whatsoever, because he didn't know anything about it, which was later proved.

DJ Keemstar had begun to lose his respect and reputation, because many had believed that he ruined the F@G out of greed. Fans accused him of this because DJ Keemstar had said it himself since the beginning, "I'm in it for the money." In it for the money or not, Keemstar was still talented, but his reputation of hate eventually started coming to him in 2011 when he was swatted in his own home because of him being accused of a crime by an unidentified caller, who decided to pull a joke. Stressed out, Keemstar became paranoid and had started to bully people because of his new style of trash-talking that wasn't funny, and eventually was exposed of being a jerk when he said the n-word on the livestream, which went viral. Accused of being a racist, Keemstar was shunned and became more hated than respected, but some light had begun to shed on him, when in late 2012, he started a new show called BadKid Podcast, which had some success, where he was able to pair up with YouTube sensation, OnlyUsemeBlade, and Keemstar's long-time high school friend, Scott Kinmartin. While BadKid Podcast does not air anymore because of the loss of fans and viewers, Keemstar had managed to make a living off of his new signature, 'Drama Alert,' most likely because of his ranting and excitement over the exposure of MinnesotaBurns. He currently still does Drama Alert, where many people watch him on YouTube and on the livestream on Twitter.

Keemstar was also accused to beating on his girlfriend, but was eventually excused from law enforcement because of being found not guilty, but a group of flagging haters took it viral and wanted Keemstar's fans to think that he was abusing his fiancé. This all stopped when OnlyUsemeBlade came in and put an end to it when he provided evidence in a video that Keemstar didn't beat on his fiancé, and that he was a good father and a good ladies' man.

But through all the dramatic and tragic events that have ensued, Keemstar is comfortable in his position today with Drama Alert. It is rumored that the F@G will return in 2016, because of Deranker, Robot and Keemstar's availability, but there is no sign of 2 Bucks yet, although Deranker has said that he will return as well. Keemstar is still respected because of his several attempts (still trying) to bring back the F@G after being devastated when 2 Bucks left for college in 2011. He almost recruited Large Farva and TxColter, but after an argument and debate between all of them, the hope for a reborn F@G ended. Keemstar nation and the old F@G are one of the most popular trolls of all time, and have a good chance of returning in almost a year-and-a-half.

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